El Cielo Dark

Strong Classic Espresso
Notes of Cacao, Vanilla, Red Apple

  Whole beans
  SCA Score: 84+ points (Very good)
  100% Arabica Coffee (Varieties: Castillo and Catimore)
  Specialty Coffee – Single Farm – Microlot 380 Kilos
  Roast: Omniroast, suitable for both filter coffee & espresso
  Our coffee is sold as whole beans to ensure the best flavor experience. However, you may request ground coffee upon checkout.


NEW! 1 Kilo = 5 m2 conservation of tropical forest of Colombia. Home to endangered species like Jaguars, Curassow birds, and many others.


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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slow coffee, responsibly produced using regenerative agriculture in our own farms in Colombia

Coffee Producers: Luisa Mejia & Francisco Minotta
Altitude: 1800 m
Origin: Filandia Colombia – Single Farm
Process: Harvested and selected by hand, washed, and fermented for 36 Hours
Roaster: Axel Datschun, Loppokaffee (Kiel – Germany)

CLICK & COLLECT (Only Kiel – Pick up directly at the Roastery)

Place your order online and collect it at the Roastery in Kiel and the cost for shipment will not be charged.
Please pick up your order at Loppokaffe Roastery in Grasweg 8, 24118 Kiel (Mo-Fr 8:00-18:00, Sa 11:00-18:00 Uhr, So 11:00-17:00).

For most coffee companies the story starts with a bean.
For us, it starts with the seed!


We are thrilled to release the fifth harvest of our farm El Cielo. – El Cielo Dark. We are a tiny coffee farm in the Andean mountains of Quindio Colombia. The rare quality of the volcanic soil and the high altitude (1.800 m) create special conditions for the unique quality of our coffee.

El Cielo means heaven or sky in Spanish. Imagine the cold of the early morning, standing at the top of the farm, holding a warm cup of coffee in your hands, the first sip of freshly brewed coffee, and looking at the clouds rolling up the cordillera. The feeling of being up in the sky.

This harvest we present a clean, sweet, silky cup with flavors of cacao and vanilla, in balance with a vibrant acidity that reminds us of red apples. This version of Cafe del Cielo is a darker roast, representing a bold intensity. Perfect for those craving a more classic Italian espresso.

We used the traditional washed method and then left the coffee to ferment for 36 hours. This process ends in a very clean and silky taste, typically found in Colombia’s Coffee. Our coffee is then roasted to perfection in Kiel – Germany by Axel Datschun/ Loppo Kaffe.

Delicious taste

Our sustainably grown coffee has a unique and exquisite flavor profile with notes of toffee caramel, melted chocolate, red wine, and roses, making each cup a true indulgence.


Our coffee is produced using regenerative agriculture and the traditional washed method, resulting in a very clean and juicy taste that has been awarded 85 SCA points, meaning it’s excellent in quality.


We are committed to supporting fair wages and job training for our workers, as well as conservation efforts that preserve tropical forests and their endangered species, so you can feel good about the coffee you’re drinking.



This coffee was harvested between March and May 2023 and has been awarded 84 SCA points and this means very good. In contrast to the last three very wet years, this year Colombia has been affected by “El Niño” (The Boy). This climate event increases the amount of sunshine and decreases rainfall. In practical aspects for our farm, it means more production, however also a great danger to our plants.

El Cielo is our first regenerative project and we have seen its transformation: birds and other animal species have been returning to the farm. Our plants are much more resilient to face extended periods of rain or drought. It makes us proud to see how beautiful nature is and to be a part of it.

We believe and are committed to this transformation and are focused on one thing: producing delicious high-quality Colombian coffee in harmony with nature and respect for the people behind it. We strongly believe in the power of nature and aspire to understand how a productive ecosystem can work in harmony with nature and people and not against it. We seek to show that we all together have the power to make a change with the decisions we make.

Luisa Mejia & Francisco Minotta

We care about people.

We care about animals.

We care about the world.


Our omniroast profile makes our coffee suitable for both filter coffee and espresso, giving you the flexibility to enjoy it however you like.


Our coffee is freshly roasted every week, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product with the most robust flavor possible.

Directly sourced

By purchasing directly from our farm in Colombia, you’re cutting out the middleman and getting the freshest and highest quality coffee possible.

environmental impact


With every kilo of coffee purchased, we are conserving 5 m2 of tropical forest in Colombia, making it easy for you to support our conservation efforts.



By purchasing directly from our farms in Colombia, you’re cutting out the middleman and getting the freshest and highest quality coffee possible.

Real Direct Trade.

Not easy for a small farm.