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(3 months)

Gift a 3-month subscription.

What if you could give a gift that not only gives joy but also cares for nature and is fair?

By gifting a 3-month subscription you can help us provide long-term stability to our employees, and plan our production.

 The gift card can be sent to you electronically or via mail post to the address indicated by you. You can personalize the note as well.


NEW! In collaboration with O2 reserve a native tree will be planted and supported for 3 years in the tropical forest of Colombia for you.

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110,00 195,00 

Possible combinations:

El Cielo (Silky and floral) + La Tierra (Juicy and Fruity)
In this combination we showcase the purest but also wilder tastes of our
coffee, always sweet, paying great respect to the terroir.

El Cielo Dark (Classic Espresso) + La Tierra
(Juicy and Fruity)
In this combination we showcase a combination of the richness and boldness
of the espresso and the delicate sweet taste of la Tierra.

El Cielo (Silky and floral) + El Cielo Dark
(classic Espresso)
In this combination we showcase two versions of the same coffee roasted at
different temperatures and durations. Showing the change in personality from
masculine, bold and strong to feminine, delicate, and floral.

El Cielo Dark (classic Espresso) + La Tierra (Juicy and Fruity) + El Cielo (Silky and floral)
You get them all three, the complete palette!

Coffee Producers: Luisa Mejia & Francisco Minotta
Altitude: 1800 m
Origin: Filandia Colombia – Single Farm
Process: Harvested and selected by hand, washed and fermented for 36 Hours
Roaster: Axel Datschun, Loppokaffee (Kiel – Germany)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add additional bags to my subscription?
Due to packaging logistics, it is not possible to add any extra bags. But you can place
an order and let us know by mail, so we can combine the shipment.

Can I combine the coffees I receive?
Yes, of course. Select your preferred combination and amount in the menu.

Do we ship to your country?
Upon checkout, you will be offered a list of countries to choose from. If your country is
not listed, please send an email to

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?
Yes, at any time.

How can I cancel or pause my subscription?
Please log into your account (under menu) and manage your subscription or send us an email to or message through our contact form

Can I track the shipments of my subscription?
Yes, you will receive a tracking number once your order is ready.

What happens on the farm when I get a subscription?
The magic starts here! With a monthly subscription, you can help us to provide long-term stability to our employees, plan our production, and invest in research and

Even better, if we are many: soon we can empower other smallholder coffee farmers
with long-term opportunities and market access that will enable those farmers to live
healthy, dignified, and prosperous lives.