Up until now, the economic thinking in our society has focused on making companies profitable, independently from the social and environmental consequences of their businesses. This is known as an extractive or as a “business as usual” approach. This approach is a challenge because it takes more natural and social resources to operate than it gives leading to a destructive circle.

On the other hand, companies that follow a positive impact approach pursue the design of systems that serve people while regenerating the land, rather than extracting from it. This approach goes beyond sustainability – understood as causing no additional harm. The positive impact approach is about regenerating, meaning giving back to people and nature more than what the company has taken from it to exist.

The key here is moving away from an industrial growth culture to a life-sustaining earth culture.

Our approach

Society and we as individuals are in a period of uncertainty and transformation and we need more courageous companies that rethink the economy of the future. At Café del Cielo we envision a future where people and the planet are more important than profit. Our humble contribution to this change is through our positive impact in the last 4 years of fighting inequality, poverty, climate change, and biodiversity loss through coffee. We can proudly say that we are a Positive Impact Organization. However, we are still far away from perfection and from reaching our end goal.

That is why we are happy to share our thoughts about sustainability, positive impact, coffee, and the economy of the future in this blog and hear your opinions. If you want to know concrete examples of our positive impact, read more here.

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